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Queens Hall  continued

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O CL PH 10k

                                                       From Otley Guide 1913

                                                               Japan  in  Otley

It may surprise some visitors to know that we have a miniature picture of Japan in the centre of the town – a dainty Japanese garden that was conceived and carried out long before the great Exhibition in London was thought about.   We give a picture of this charming little place, to which all visitors have access by payment of the nominal fee of 2d.

This sum also admits to the Otley Recreation Hall, an institution with more than a local reputation as a place where mental and bodily needs are catered for.

In as few words as possible let us say something about the Otley Recreation Hall, to the founder of which – Mr H. Dacre – Otley owes much.

Music forms an important part of the programme.   Open-air concerts are given in the summer by the Queen’s Hall Orchestra in the Japanese garden, and there are concerts and dramatic entertainments in the winter.

The Queen’s Hall is furnished in the style of a Winter Garden.   Its panelled walls, adorned with the ‘Hundred best pictures,’ have been  admired by artists and architects from all parts of the country.

The refreshment department has developed very largely of recent years.   Both large and small parties are catered for.   Applications for parties should be made to the Manager, Mr. E.A. Potter, whose address is the Recreation Hall.

There are three methods by which this unique institution may be reached.   The visitor may enter Church Lane either near the gates of the Parish Church or in Westgate, and the entrance to the Hall will be found midway through the lane.   The third entrance, which is mainly for carriages, is in Burras Lane.

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