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Welcome to Otley Museum and Archive Trust.  Our aim is to maintain the Museum's profile in the town and beyond, albeit currently without a permanent home, and to develop aspects with a view to long term sustainability

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The Museum's Story

Our Documentary and Photographic Archive is well used by both personal and professional researchers.  It is run by volunteers and new volunteers are always welcome.  Volunteers' expertise is sought in, for example, Family History, Local History and the Printers' Engineering Industry.

The artefacts and exhibits from our main collections were put into storage in May 2010 when we had to leave Otley Civic Centre which had housed the Museum since 1961.  The documentary and photographic archive is still accessible to the public, by appointment, at our present home in Wellcroft House, Otley.

Temporary themed displays using material from the archive and collections are a regular activity.  They are often linked to national or local events, or arranged specifically for, or in conjunction with, local groups.

The Museum's main collections are:

The Eric Cowling Collection (hyoerlink to collections page) etc.

Video of the Museum's Artefacts 

before they went into storage

This video was taken just before the collection

was packed and put into secure storage.

It is a reminder of Otley’s rich heritage

–from prehistoric to the 20th century –

and should be accessible to this and future generations.

You can help us bring this story back to life


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